Visit former Yugoslavia: Move between Belgrade Sarajevo Split for 160 euro.

When it comes to plan a summer vacation in Europe, most of the people think of classic locations as Spain, Greece and France.

Not many of us take in consideration former Yugoslavia as a destination, except for the Croatian coast. That’s the reason why we want to propose you a very nice trip between 3 cities of the former Yugoslavia: Belgrade, Sarajevo and Split.

We will pass through three nations, spending very little money to move. Only 160 euro starting from Italy.

belgrade tips

A view of Belgrade from Zemun

Visit former Yugoslavia: Let’s go to Belgrade, Serbia.

On August 13, we flew from Rome to Serbia with only 38 euro each with Easy Jet.  There are also flights from Milan.

When you are at Belgrade airport take the bus 72 or A1 to go downtown. Maximum cost is € 3 per person.

Visit former Yugoslavia

Street art in Belgrade

Belgrade has a decadent architectural style which is very charming. This, combined with the vibrant life that characterises the city night and day, make it a unique capital. For this reason, and for the very low prices, it reminds us of Prague twenty years ago or the same Berlin after the wall fall.

We recommend you to stay three days to fully enjoy the atmosphere, but also two may be enough.


Belgrade by night

Visit former Yugoslavia – Where to sleep in Belgrade:

If you look for a modern and clean hotel, we highly recommended the Hotel Argo. Nice rooms, spacious, featuring a green tone. Prices range from 50 to 60 euro per night, including breakfast.

On the other side if you have a more limited budget, we recommend the Hostel One DormShared rooms with a hipster and nice style, for the modest price of 10 euro per night . You can reserve it with booking.

The hostel is located side by side with the incredible Jazz bar “Basta”, a very nice place to have a cocktail and listen to live music, especially during summer.


Visit former Yugoslavia: Second tour stop is the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo.

To reach Sarajevo we recommend to travel by bus at night. In this way you will not lose 6 hours and a half travelling during the day, and you will also save a night in a hotel.

The company Alamanis Turs, for 24 euro, offers an overnight trip departing at 22:30 and arriving in Sarajevo at 5 in the morning.

You cannot book online. To buy the ticket you have go to the bus station in Belgrade. We advise you to go at least the day before to take the ticket and check what buses are available. You can also check on the official website for info.

Also remember that the destination is Istočno Sarajevo, i.e. Sarajevo East, located in the Serb part of Sarajevo.

At the bus station in Belgrade bring with you a note that says: Istočno Sarajevo, the day you want to leave and time.

Beware! Schedules change from season to season. Take our information as advices and check them before and during your trip!


Latin Bridge: one of the symbol of Sarajevo

Arrived at Istočno Sarajevo station, called also Lukavica, you can take bus 103 or 107 to the city center.

To catch them: with the station behind you turn right and walk 300 m. You will see a big open space. There you have to wait for the buses to come. You can pay on board, but remember to have with you Bosnians Marks (you can buy them in Belgrade).

If you want to take a taxi decide a maximum price to pay. We suggest no more than 10 euro. If you do not get an agreement with the driver on the price, he will probably charge you more.

Sarajevo, beautiful multicultural center, is adorned by the ancient Turkish centre and still scarred by the signs of the siege.

A unique place in the world to visit, with a minimum of 2-3 days.

Watch our video to have an idea!


Visit former Jugoslavia – Where to sleep in Sarajevo:

We absolutely recommend the Hostel Cult, in the main historical centre of the city.

Basic rooms, but clean. Friendly staff and very reasonable prices. You can decide whether to take a private room or a bed in a dormitory. Again you can reserve with with booking, where you will see the excellent reviews of the hostel.

Visit former Yugoslavia: last stage in Split, Croatia.

After breathing the fresh mountain air of Sarajevo, it is time to reach the Croatian sea. And once again our advice is … have a nice overnight bus trip! =)

You can buy the Eurolines ticket to Split at the central bus station of Sarajevo (not Istocno Sarajevo this time, but PJ Autobusna Stanica Sarajevo; address: Put Zivota 8, 71000 Sarajevo) for 27 euro departing at 21 and arriving at 4.30 in the morning (summer 2014 data).

You can check the availability of the bus on the site Balkan Viator. Also this trip lasts up to 7 hours.
Since you will arrive in the early morning, we recommend to have a nice walk in the very close center of Split. At that hour you will appreciate the wonders of Diocletian’s Palace without the throngs of tourists that flock from 9 am onwards. Unique!

Visit former Yugoslavia  – Where to sleep in Split:

The Croatian coast, especially in August, is a very touristic destination. This makes prices close to Spanish standards.

Find cheap accommodation can be a problem then. We therefore recommend trying airbnb, internet page where you can book private homes and room for few days at good prices. In Split we spent 60 euro a day in the middle of Diocletian’s Palace!


Visit former Yugoslavia – and to go back?

To go back we chose the ferry Split-Ancona for 69 euro each, booked with Directferries, but there are many airlines that will take you back home from Split. Look for the best bargains with Skyscanner, where you can compare all different airlines prices.

As you can see we spent 38 euro flying from Italy to Belgrade + 3 euro bus from Belgrade Airport to city centre + 24 euro bus from Belgrade to Sarajevo + 27 euro bus from Sarajevo to Split, and finally 69 euro from Split to Ancona.

A total of…161 euro! 1 euro more than what we promised.

Let us know if the information we have given are correct and enjoy former Yugoslavia!



Visit former Yugoslavia: Move between Belgrade Sarajevo Split for 160 euro.
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Visit former Yugoslavia: Move between Belgrade Sarajevo Split for 160 euro.
Visit former Yugoslavia: from Belgrade to Split, passing from Sarajevo spending only 160 euro if you come from Italy.