A century ago the mountains of Trentino Alto Adige were mutilated and excavated from the trenches built by the Italian army and the Austro-Hungarian Empire. This year marks the centenary of the 1st World War beginning in 1914. Italy abandoned neutrality a year later.

The great war was fought also over 3000 meters above the sea level, below the glaciers, between rocks and mud, with suicidal assaults to conquer a few useless meters.

In Italy there are many sites where you can find the scratches of the conflict.

If you want to walk between trenches and traces of the Great War in Rovereto, one of the best reachable site is the Austro-Hungarian artillery cornerstone of Mountain Nagià Grom (now Italy).  Exploration is simple and suitable for all, no more than 3 hours, starting at the village of San Felice.

The day of our exploration, at the top of the mountain Nagià Grom, we had the good fortune to meet a former alpine who has been our guide for a while. The gentleman, named Italo, is part of the group of the Alpini Mori that, since 2001, has recovered more than 3,000 meters of trenches in 12,000 hours of work.

Italo told us the history of the trenches, brilliantly guiding us through the paths, and mentioning how his great-grandparents have been witnesses of the situation. If you are not lucky enough to meet him, ask for him at the Alpini Mori centre, because it is absolutely fascinating how his words can bring you back to 1914.

The fortification of the Nagià Grom occurred since the spring of 1915 with a trench perimeter that allowed to defend the mountain at 360 °, with machine guns and artillery placed in cave and outdoor. The trenches were bombed several times, and the craters still visible are an impressive evidence of that.

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The base was a real camp massif, where even now you can visit, among others, kitchens, dorms and warehouses. From the artillery bases you can join the same landscapes views that Austrian soldiers saw at the time: Lake Garda is just a 30 minute drive away.

After our walk we headed to Rovereto to visit the Italian War History Museum, opened about 90 years ago.

The museum, which is inside the castle of Rovereto, displays a unique collection of pieces of the Great War, as trenches daily objects, weapons, uniforms and posters. Inside the air-raid shelter, constructed during World War II under the castle, there are numerous Italian, German, English and Austro-Hungarian artillery pieces.

For better info on how to visit the trenches of Nagìa Grom visit the official Alpini Mori website (only in italian):


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