Street Art Buenos Aires

Wonderful Argentina: Street Art Buenos Aires

Argentina, land of tango, asado & football, but also a country full of an incredible cultural life.

Street art is absolutely spread and wonderful in Buenos Aires. Every corner, single street is vibrant. Art is everywhere and you can breath the smell of creativity around you. It remind us of Berlin, but with a latin soul of course. The majority of pictures have been taken in the centre of the Capital,  some of them in La Boca.

A little remind: I shot this pictures some years ago, and in that period I was not in the idea of creating daytripandmap, so I did not note anything about these amazing graffiti. If somebody wants to help me, indicating the name of the exact street where the picture has been shot, I would be more than thankful!

I also hope these wonderful pieces have not been changed or removed. If you have some news about it just let me know! Thanks!

street art buenos aires

Street Art Buenos Aires



IMG_3235Every corner has something to show

We suggest you to just get lost. In general we do not think it make any sense to create any Street Art map.

We believe the real pleasure is to just turn right or left and get surprised by these flash of color and fantasy!

street art buenos aires

street art buenos aires

Don’t follow any map, just get lost in the Street Art Buenos Aires!


street art buenos airesStreet Art Buenos Aires

IMG_4902 IMG_4910

street art buenos aires

Street Art Buenos Aires: La Boca

La boca would deserve itself an entire post of various pages. Houses of multicolor, graffiti, tango, statues of Maradona and Eva Peron are dominating this famous neighbourhood of Italian origins, If you are in Buenos Aires, you absolutely cannot miss it.

Check some pictures below.

Street Art Buenos AiresStreet Art Buenos aires Street Art Buenos Aires Street Art Buenos Aires Street Art Buenos Aires

Wonderful Argentina: Street Art Buenos Aires
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Wonderful Argentina: Street Art Buenos Aires
Street art Buenos Aires. Check our gallery full of some of the most incredible graffiti in the Capital of Argentina. Street art Buenos Aires.