Tapas in Toledo! Our best 3 bars

Toledo, the Imperial city, home of blades, knights and soldiers. It is one of the most interesting places close to Madrid. It offers unique views, perfect for your next “lord of the ring” short independent movie. Every corner could hide a elf, archer, warrior or illusionist ready to turn you into a frog or…every corner can hide the best tapas bar in the area! So let’s leave for a while the medieval atmosphere and let’s focus on the best places to have tapas in Toledo!


Let’s have tapas in Toledo! Our best 3 bars

Since we think these three places are all amazing, we will share our experience chronologically  (i.e at the different time we visited the bars)

El Trebol, Calle santa Fe 1, tel. (+34) 925 281 297

If you climbed up to Zocodover Plaza, and you urgently need to eat no matter what…this is the right place! A typical Spanish bar, always fully crowded, and with a modern look. It has a wonderful terrace in a typical medieval street of Toledo. Inside you can see the ancient ruins of the building through a pavement glass. The same ruins can be see if you go down at the second floor.

Calle Santa Fe 1, home of El Trebol

At “El Trebol”, if you eat meat, don’t miss “la bomba”: a potato filled with meat and covered with a “ali-oli” and tomato sauce. It is absolutely their speciality, for only 3.30 euro.

For vegetarians, as we are, we love to suggest you “Las bravas del Trebol”, a generous plate full of patatas bravas, a typical tapa you find in every Madrid bar. But at El Trebol they are very special, a bit spicy. For only 3 euro.

Finally if you eat fish, I absolutely suggest you to try “el croqueton gourmet de gambas al ajillo” a croquette filled with shrimps and onion. Delicious.

And to drink?  Beer or white wine are the best to clear your voice and order a new tapa!

“La Bomba” with a beer

Nice atmosphere at "El Trebol", tapas in Toledo

Nice atmosphere at “El Trebol”, tapas in Toledo


La Abadia, Plaza de San Nicolás 3, +34 925 25 11 40

After seeing the immense art treasure of the cathedral of Toledo, why not have another tapa?

La Abadia, located in the old part of the city and close to the cathedral, has a great selection of tapas and complete dishes at medium prices. It offers a mix of traditional and modern style Spanish food. Let’s call it fusion if we want.


What we absolutely suggest to try, to continue the tour of tapas in Toledo at La Abadia, is:

“Tempura of Verduras con Gambones” (Vegetables and shrimps tempura) for 7,5 euro

“Fondue de queso de cabra con albondigas de buey fritas” (Goat Cheese Fondue with fried beef meatloaf) for 5,8 euro

“Lasaña de berenjenas con frutos secos y miel” (Eggplant lasagna with nuts and honey) for 4,5 euro

“Huevo perfecto” (The perfect egg: a fried on egg on a sauce of vegetable and tomatoes)

The “perfect egg” at La Abadia

Goat cheese fondue at La Abadia

All the dishes are suitable for vegetarians, since the meat is always served separated. La Abadia in its menù always suggests beers with this tapas, so let’s follow their advices.

And what about dessert? for the sweet part let’s go to the last restaurant/bar we selected!

way to the cathedral


Nuevo Almacen, Calle Nueva, 7, +34 925 28 39 37

A very well decorated place, following the hipster trend of new bars. It is the classic place where you can go and have a coffee and read your book for hours. But also have a innovative thai salad, or a traditional Spanish croquette. Everything!

The “Tarta de queso y frutos rojos” ( Cheese cake with berries) and the “Cremme Brulle y frutos rojos” (Cremme Brulle and berries) are on the podium of the best desserts of Nuevo Almacen, for us. But the Gold Metal goes to the Brownie of Manzana y chocolate blanco (Apple brownie with white chocolate). Absolutely delicious.

All the desserts cost only 3,90 euro, which is a very good price considering the nice atmosphere and the absolute quality of the food.

Cheese cake with berries at Nuevo Almacen


Apple brownie with white chocolate

Apple brownie with white chocolate at Nuevo Almacen