Game of Thrones exhibition #GoTExhibit:

6 reasons you should go & 1 No.

I always loved middle age stories, and I am a true fun of The Lord of The Rings, The Hobbit and Shannara.

But I have never followed the series Game of Thrones, despite the fact that everybody told me it was amazing. And this is the reason why, passing from Madrid, I have decided to go with Eva to the Game of Thrones exhibition.

And trust me: it was a unique experience, in every aspect!

Do you want to know the 6 reasons you should go to the Game of Thrones exhibition? Follow our countdown!

game of thrones exhibition

Game of Thrones exhibition – Reason number 6 to go: It is for free!

Simple, no?

Game of Thrones exhibition – Reason number 5 to go: The Wonderful Props & Costumes from the Set

It is absolutely wonderful to see the high level of craftsmanship used to make the costumes of the series. The details of the clothes & armours leave you absolutely breathless, while the collection of Props (i.e. objects used on stage or on screen) make you feel these actors are probably participating to one of the best series ever done.

Game of Thrones Exhibition

Game of Thrones Exhibition

Game of Thrones Exhibition

The collection of clothes and objects at the Game of Thrones exhibition is absolutely incredible!

games of thrones exhibition

game of thrones exhibition

Game of Thrones exhibition – Reason number 4 to go: Being transformed in a White walker!

With a nice photograph set, you will see yourself changed in one of the white walkers! Fun, no?

Unluckily waiting 9 hours at the sun to get in the exhibition didn’t make my skin exactly snowy!

game of thrones exhibition

Game of Thrones exhibition – Bronze Medal: Being Killed by the dragon fire breath!

Exactly! Give your code to the nice staff, look at the dragon, listen to “Fire fire fire fire!”, try to escape, run, give a kiss to the dragon or whatever you want to do! In any case only dust will remain of you!

Click on the picture below to see an example of the Dragon fire Video!


Game of Thrones exhibition – Silver Medal: Sit on the Iron Throne!

If you are really passionated about the series, than you will never miss the occasion to sit on the Iron Throne. The staff is really nice and let you you do photos by yourself and with friends…with not too much hurry!

game of thrones

Game of Thrones exhibition – Gold Medal: Go on the top of the wall!

As reported by the official webiste: “Back by popular demand, the unprecedented 4D virtual reality experience, powered by Oculus Rift, lets you ride the winch elevator at Castle Black to the top of the Wall! “.

I was a little bit mistrustful on the potential of 3D or 4D, probably because, back to the 90’s, they were reeeeeally bad.

But this has nothing to do with crappy stuff: You will feel the vertigo of going up to the wall, while real wind will make you feel the cold. While you are up, and trust me it looks really like you are on the wall, fire will be throw at you and you will have to try escape from it! Incredible and absolutely real!

In the following video you cannot see how the experience is, but how a person feel while he’s doing it.

Game of Thrones exhibition – The only reason you should not go.

To go in, we had to wait from 9 in the morning till 6 in the afternoon. 9 hours total more or less. Yes because to be admitted you had to register yourself to the official website to obtain a scheduled entrance. Unluckily those tickets expired in only 3 hours for the Madrid event. So the big line of those without ticket was formed every day outside the entrance of the 16 Pavilion of the centre of arts “Matadero”. Probably it would have been very smart to give a number to all the people waiting in this queue, instead of making them waiting for hours and hours. We hope the next time the organization will be more prepared to face such an invasion. I must say that the staff was really friendly, tough.

Game of Thrones exhibition: Next Dates 2015

Well, well. So if the possibility of waiting outside for ours doesn’t scary you, here are the future dates of the Game of Thrones exhibition:

Berlin 13-17 May

Amsterdam 27-31 May

Paris  TBD

Have fun and a lot of patience!


PS. Don’t forget to register at to receive your code which will allow you to do all the activities!

Game of Thrones exhibition: 6 reasons you should go & 1 No. #GoTExhibit
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Game of Thrones exhibition: 6 reasons you should go & 1 No. #GoTExhibit
Game of Thrones exhibition: discover the 6 reasons you should go and the one you should not. #GoTExhibit