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Eat in Sarajevo: our top 7!

Eat in Sarajevo is an experience that will never let you down.

In the old town, called Bascarsija, you can sit at any restaurant and be sure that at the end of your meal you will leave with a huge smile. Most places are small turkish style cafè, where you can taste any typical Bosnian dishes, spending almost nothing, and being served impeccably.

We decided then to make a list of the 7 places that we liked more and provide a map.

Here it is for you!

Pay attention because in the map the restaurants To be or not to be, Miri Dunja and Kahva Dulistan appear at the same point. It is a Google Maps inaccuracy, as the three are located in the same small street but few metres apart each from the other.

Eat in Sarajevo:

Buregdznica AsdzBravadžiluk 28

We recommend it wholeheartedly. Here you can try a typical Bosnian pita, cooked on stone according to tradition. Only the cooking show is worth the visit.

The place is not very big and is quite spartan in the decor, but this cannot make you give up trying a pita stuffed with cabbage or cheese. Together with a delicious sour cream, of course.

And the price? 15km in two with tip, the equivalent of 7 euro. Can ask you for more?

Eat in Sarajevo

Buregdznica Asdz

Cafè TitoZmaja od Bosne 5

The only bar entirely dedicated to Marshal Josip Broz Tito, figure beloved throughout the former Yugoslavia by Serbs, Slovenes, Bosnians … and maybe even Croats.

You find it in the same building that houses the museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The decorations will take you back  to 1992, year of  the catastrophic breakup of Yugoslavia.

Eat in Sarajevo

Cafè Tito

Eat in Sarajevo

Cafe’ Tito

There, between a bust of Tito, different photos, helmets used as lamps, you will be hug by a nostalgic atmosphere…but with a modern and young touch!

If you go there in summer, just relax between the outdoor tables, surrounded by old tanks.

Don’t forget to sip a Cockta, the Yugoslav era like Coca Cola (now back in production).

Baklava Shop, Bosnafolklor Doo, Curciluk veliki 56

Within the walls of the Muzej Sarajeva you can find this delicious Baklava cafe, serving the typical turkish sweets.

Try the “Ljesnjak nutela” and “Bosanka pistacio”, authentic delights for the palate. You can accompany them with a Bosanska Kafa, a classic Bosnian coffee, and a natural juice of grapefruit and lemon.

A breakfast there deserves alone the visit to Sarajevo.

Prices are incredible low and service is very high. Many western restaurant owners could have a course of good manners here.

Eat in Sarajevo

Baklava Shop

Eat in Sarajevo

Baklava Shop

Kahva Dulistan, Čizmedžiluk 24

In winter we do not know how many people can fit into this tiny café (maybe 5?), but in summer is a real pleasure to sit outdoors, try a traditional Bosnian coffee and enjoy the slow passage of time while the sugar dissolves in the black liquid.

Probably you will repeat the same gestures of an Ottoman who took the coffee 400 years ago…which is a compelling experience!

Eat in Sarajevo

Kahva Dulistan

Eat in Sarajevo

Kahva Dulistan

Miris DunjaČizmedžiluk 9

Dunja means quince and the juice made with this fruit is the house specialty. Alternatively, you can try a mint or rose juice. They are very tasting and fresh.

It is also said that they serve the best turkish tea. Fantastic.

To be or no to be, Čizmedžiluk 5, Baščaršija,

If you look for a restaurant with international cuisine, intimate and family-run you have to visit To be or not to be. The owner will welcome you always in a gentle way, showing you a rich menu and at the same time running into the open-view kitchen (she’s the owner and cook…!).

Eat in Sarajevo

To be or not to be


Among the dishes to try: risotto with squid ink, vegetable soup, and sea bass!

Prices slightly more expensive than the average of Sarajevo, but nothing to be scared of.

Cevabdzinica hodzicBaščaršija 22

As many already know we do not eat meat, but we must say that when we asked for suggestions for a place to eat in Sarajevo, many sent us at Cevabdzinica. Here you can try the famous Cevapcici, spicy meatballs of lamb and beef, typical of the Balkans … So if you eat meat this is the right place to try them!


Eat in Sarajevo: our top 7!
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Eat in Sarajevo: our top 7!
Eat in Sarajevo is an experience that will never let you down.Daytripandmap suggest you the best 7 places in the Bosnia Herzegovina capital.