cormorant fishing

Cormorant fishing in Yangshuo, China

Cormorants fishing in Yangshuo is certainly the most peculiar activity in southwest China.

This type of traditional fishing is based on the “work” of the cormorant, a bird that can catch fish under water.

The fisherman (who trains these animals for 8 years before they can fish) puts a noose around the neck of the same, so the animal cannot swallow the fish, which get stuck in the throat.

The birds, with the aid of a lantern in the bow, go under water. There they spot the fish and catch them with their beaks. Later the man “empties” the throat of the animals to collect their catch.

cormorant fishing

Cormorant fishing

We booked the activity for only 50 RMB (€ 7) at our hostel, where in the evening a guide came to pick us.

The guide brought us on the coast of the river LI in the same town of Yangshuo.

On the shore we went on a boat with other people. After a while we placed side by side with a fisherman on a engine bamboo raft, surrounded by his faithful cormorants.

cormorant fishing

The show we saw is wonderful.

The fisherman advances in the darkness of the river, with only the dim light of the lantern. The animals, the only form of livelihood for centuries for these people, do their work better than any human fisherman.

To some people fishing with cormorants may seem cruel and is an opinion that may be legitimate.

However to us it seemed that the birds are treated well and that there is a good relationship between the animal and man.

cormorant fishing

Also it is a type of traditional fishing non-invasive and non-destructive.

After fishing, we stopped on the edge of the river where the fisherman showed how he collects fish from the mouth of the animal, and then give him to eat. At this time it was possible to do many photos with the cormorant.

However be careful not to touch it! their beak is huge and I almost lost a finger. =)

If you pass by Yangshuo do not hesitate to try this incredible experience!

Cormorant fishing in Yangshuo, China
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Cormorant fishing in Yangshuo, China
Discover cormorant fishing in Yangshuo, certainly the most peculiar activity in southwest China.