Budget North Europe Tour!

Scandinavia, North Europe, the Baltic and North sea. Very interesting but quite expensive, no?

Probably yes, but with our help you will have the chance to explore 4 Nordic cities, moving between them with less than 170 euro!

Follow our Budget North Europe Tour, and you see how easy is to move in Scandinavia!


1st City of our Budget North Europe Tour: TALLINN, Estonia.

Tallinn is the jewel of the North.

An authentic preserved medieval city in front of the Baltic Sea. You will love to get lost in its amazing streets, thinking you are probably in some “Lord of the Ring” sea town. Absolutely unique!

While there, you can even enjoy an original medieval soup, but since spoons were not invented at that time no one will be given to you! =)

Budget North Europe Tour

Tallinn Old town entrance

Budget North Europe Tour

A typical vintage house in Tallinn

We have been there in summer and it was wonderful, but maybe in winter, with its Xmas Market and snow, it could be even better!

Prices are very cheap compared to the rest of Scandinavia, and the city is well connected to all Europe.

Through Skyscanner you can find, in July and August, flights from Milan for 49 euro, from Dusseldorf for 26 euro and from London for 43 euro!

Budget North Europe Tour

You can visit the walls all around the city…


...have a typical salty creap...

…have a break with a typical crepe…

Budget North Europe Tour

… and then head to the Tallinn main square.


2nd City of our Budget North Europe Tour: HELSINKI, Finland.

With directferries.com, if booked in advance, you can find ferry tickets in July and August for 21 euro from Tallinn to Helsinki! The journey takes 2 and a half hours, and it is very relaxing.

Helsinki is a nice city to visit in few days, especially in summer, where the sunlight will be your company until very late. Personally I loved the food market in front of the Helsinki Cathedral, and the Olympic Stadium, but, above all places, my favourite spot was the fortified island of Suomenlinna. Its little bunker hills covered of grass reminded me of a Hobbit village!

Beware: Helsinki is very expensive!

Budget North Europe Tour

Helsinki cathedral, just in front of the sea.

Budget North Europe Tour

The island of Suomenlinna…

Budget North Europe Tour

…and its fortifications


3rd City of our Budget North Europe Tour: COPENHAGEN, Denmark.

Copenhagen is not only the Little Marmaid, of course.

The capital of Denmark has a lot more to offer: the nice neighbourhood of Nyhavn, where you can have a delicious fish lunch contemplating the unique coloured buildings; the historical amusement park of Tivoli; the Round Tower, the oldest functioning observatory in Europe; the freetown of Christiania in the district of Christianshavn.

In July and August you can reach Copenhagen from Helsinki from 40 euro on, with Scandinavian Airlines.

Prices in the city are quite expensive.

Nyhavn, Copenhagen

Nyhavn, Copenhagen

4th City of our Budget North Europe Tour: HAMBURG, Germany.

The second largest city of Germany is my preferred place in the North of Europe.

Take a crowded port city, with the most crazy red light neighbourhood in the World, spritz it with some rock music and cover it with a punk attitude.

The result is Hamburg.

Ah, the red light district is called St.Pauli, and without it, its rock clubs and football team with punk supporters, Hamburg would be just another German city.

Head down from Copenhagen to Hamburg for only 19 euro with flixbus.com!

Finally, to come back home, you can reach Barcelona, London or Milan for only 35 euros on! Check it at skyscanner.com!

The centre of Hamburg

The centre of Hamburg

What remains of Hamburg Cathedral after World War 2 bombings.

What remains of Hamburg Cathedral after World War 2 bombings.

Budget North Europe Tour!
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Budget North Europe Tour!
Budget North Europe Tour! Move between 4 cities of Scandinavia and North Europe, for less than 170 euro!