Bologna, a city of many adjectives. Fat, red, wise and …Turrita, which means crowded with a lot of towers!  Bulåggna (in Emilian dialect) is a forest of this medieval symbol of offence, defence and power. Visit it is the best to suffer a good neck pain.

Bologna towers

Bologna towers!

High, low, large, powerful, and…leaning. The most famous are Garisenda mentioned in Dante’s Divine Comedy, and Asinelli visitable for the modest price of 3 Euros. Getting to the top takes “only” 498 steps … but the effort is worth the visit, since the wind and the views at the top are fabulous. For the superstitious remember that the legend says to not climb Asinelli before graduation.

And if you want to be surrounded by the magic of the towers also when you sleep, you can take a nap at the Bed and Breakfast Torre Prendiparte.

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