best time to visit split

What’s the best time to visit Split?

Not many people like to travel during the night in a bus crowded and smelly. I do.

I like the idea of using my night time to reach the next destination. Furthermore I can sleep almost everywhere, so it is not a big deal for me resting in a bus…Apart when a one-hundred-and-twenty-kilos Chinese man was putting his head on my shoulder on my way to Mutianyu Great Wall, snoring louder than the engine sound. But that’s another story…

Well, travelling on a bus…As Guns ‘n Roses said “A Greyhound bus could be my way” and I agree since it lets you go almost anywhere, you do not have to worry about much, only not being in late and look after your things when people stop by and take their stuff from the trunk…not so easy when you are sleeping, uh?

best time to visit Split

The sun touches the Bell Tower in the early morning

best time to visit Split

The walls of Diocletian’s Palace welcome you at any time

Another thing you should worry about is…what can I do if the bus arrive too early in the morning?
Our “Balkan Greyhound” leaving the most human city we have ever been, Sarajevo, to reach Split on the Croatian seaside, was supposed to arrive at 5 a.m in the morning. Well the thing was that the driver was quite sure of himself on the Bosniac mountains and at 4 a.m we were there.

Drama? A thorn on our side? Or simply a pain in the !#^? Actually I must say we’ve never been so lucky.

After sitting a while on the floor of a rank crowded bus waiting room, we preferred going to the centre of Split, the Diocletian’s Palace.

No idea was better than that: the view of the ancient roman walls perfectly conserved was an injection of energy for us, and we didn’t care anymore about the weight of our bags.

best time to visit split

The arches are typical in the streets of Split, making the entire architecture welcoming and harmonic

The Palace was only for us!

If you take the exception of few groups of young people going back home after enjoying Split’s Nightlife, nobody was around.
We could enjoy the small streets of the city in complete silence.

best time to visit split

One of the ancient lion decorating the Palace

best time to visit split

…and one of the Sphinx

No screams, no selfies, no pushing.

Only me and Eva discovering an unique hidden gem, the Diocletian’s Palace without people!

Our steps sounded so clear on the white stones. The houses walls, still releasing warm from the day before, were nice to touch.
The foundation, full of covered shoals, were ready to face another day of people buying theis souvenirs; on the other hand, in silence, they looked so imposing that reminded us about the ancient roman ships coming inside the Palace to give their presents to the emperor.

best time to visit Split

The wonderful houses in the Diocletian’s Palace

After some hours the bell tower and sphinxes started to be wet by the sun’s touch, and the first people were appearing & talking.
This was the moment we realized how lucky we had been.

best time to visit Split

This is the reality of Diocletian’s Palace even at 9 in the morning.

best time to visit split

Early in the morning, just outside the walls, you can find a nice fruit market.

What's the best time to visit Split?
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What's the best time to visit Split?
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