Belgrade vegetarian restaurants: our advices!

Do you want to know where to eat in Belgrade? Then there is a Serbian word that you cannot learn: Kafana.

The Kafana, from the turkish kahvehane meaning coffeehouse, is the typical Serbian restaurant featuring a sparkling traditional atmosphere and typical folk music. Actually the difference between a bar, a restaurant or a cafè is really relative in Belgrade, as the Kafana tend to be … everything! A Kafana can be restaurant at lunch and dinner, cafè in the afternoon and bar at night.

Unluckily for vegetarians, Balkan cooking tends to be very meat-based. This is why we decided to select the best restaurants in Belgrade that also offers a satisfactory option for vegetarians. This does not mean that they are pure vegetarian restaurants, but that you can choose many dishes if you do not eat meet.

Are you then ready to fill your belly? Remember that in Belgrade portions are huge! But you can order half portion by paying 70% of the price.

Then come with us and discover the best Belgrade vegetarian restaurants! In the map restaurants and bakeries have the classic logo with fork and knife.


The entire old city, from Kalemegdan to the end of Knez Mihailova, is full of restaurants and bars where you can feed yourself properly. Choice could be very difficult, so trust our advices! =)

Gnezdo Organic, Male stepenice 1a.

An old refurbished building hosts one of the most dazzling and amazing restaurants in our guide Belgrade vegetarian restaurants“!

White brick walls, old wood furniture, a terrace with tomatoes and herbs growing on it, make the restaurant cozy and bright. The menu could be called Serbian Fusion and offers truly original dishes. Do not miss the Kebab with Tofu on miles accompanied by almonds and cranberry, and the bruschetta with goat cheese and pumpkin. All food is 100% organic and seasonal.

The restaurant is not so easy to find. It’s next door to the beautiful local Jazza Basta, on a stairway leading up to the Park of Non-Aligned Countries from Karadjordjeva. But it is absolutely worth the search.

Vuk, Vuka Karadzica 12

Do you want an example of classic Serbian Kafana? Here you go! Traditional food, good service, very low cost (from 5 to 10 Euros) and big portions. Do not miss the excellent pie with cheese, the grilled vegetables and the delicious bread. Great to start your adventure among Belgrade vegetarian resturants!

Belgrade vegetarian restaurants

Kafana “?” o “Question mark”, 6 Kralja Petra.

The most famous and old restaurant in the white Serbian capital. Situated directly in front of the Cathedral since almost 200 years. Back to its origins it was simply called “Cathedral cafè.” One day, however, in 1892, the religious authorities asked to change its name, considering it offensive. So, since then, it is called simply “?” Or “Question mark”.

There you can find very good Serbian cuisine at really cheap prices. You should try the polenta with cheese and honey.

Careful because often the restaurant is full (of tourists).

Belgrade vegetarian restaurants

Belgrade vegetarian restaurants

Snezana, Knez Mihailova 50

A beautiful cafè in Knez Mihailova. It can remind you more a library rather than a restaurant. Menù, however, is modern and varies greatly, from Serbian to Italian arriving at Mexican. Spaces are very ample: you can enjoy the sun outside in summer, admiring the style of Serbs walking in the main Belgrade boulevard, or shelter in the warm indoors during winter. Recommended at 100%!

Belgrade vegetarian restaurants


Caruso, Terazije 23/8.

Italian – Serbian restaurant. Although we never recommend eating Italian abroad, in Caruso the wonderful panorama make it worth the endeavor. From the terrace on the 8th floor you will have a magnificent view of Terazije Square and Moskva Hotel, enjoying a tasty cream of broccoli accompanied by Serbian mixed cheeses.

Pop-Corn small stands.

A nice characteristic of Belgrade are the countless small stands selling popcorn all over the city. Especially in the area between Terazije and Kalemegdan. For 30 cents you can have a small bag or a big one for a euro. Mhhhh.

Belgrade vegetarian restaurants


One of the liveliest areas of Belgrade, full of bars to explore one by one. We do not want to take away from you the pleasure of adventuring in this beautiful neighbourhood. For this reason we reccomend you only those places that we consider among the best.

Elixir Juice Bar, Strahinjića Bana 52 (now also Nikole Spasića 4/a).

The right place if you want something fresh, natural and healthy. Their offer of  centrifuged juices ranges from the Anti-oxidant, with mango, pineapple, pear, green apple and ginger, to the healthy Detox with grapes, red apple, carrot, beet and ginger, arriving at the Magic Elixir with grapes, banana, ginger, and pineapple. Plus, if you get hungry. you have a wide selection of sandwiches, soups, salads, fruits, vegetables and desserts. What can we say … perfect, no?

Supermarket Concept Store, Visnjiceva 10 (at the corner with Strahinjica Bana)

The name might confuse you a little bit. No, this is not a supermarket … or better say: yes and no. It is a big open space with two designer shops, two bars and a relax room where you could get a massage! The atmosphere, with hundreds of hanging lamps, make it one of the most fashionable bar of the city. Various are the events organised during the year, including Swedish dinners and festivals of chocolate.

Menù is various. You can choose dishes from Mexican, Italian, Japanese and Serbian cooking.

We recommend the Spinach Veggie Burger,  the sushi Veggie Roll and the Miso Soup with tofu and seaweed. Prices higher than average serbian, but what you pay is the great setting and ultra perfectionist style.

Belgrade vegetarian restaurants


Welcome to Montmartre! Okay, it is the “Montmartre of Belgrade”, but there you can enjoy the same bohemian atmosphere typical of the French capital. Plus you have the most typical Serbian Kafane, live music and certainly a less snooty attitude than the one you will find in Paris. Not to mention the very very cheap prices.

Sesir MojSkadarska 21.

This beautiful Kafana, characterized by the wonderful floral entrance and the continuous music, offers typical dishes of the Serbian cuisine. Although it would seem not, there is plenty of choice for those who are vegetarian: creamy mushroom soup, several different salads, breaded peppers stuffed with cheese, vegetables pies will make you so full that you will have to roll down Skadarska. At rhythm of music of course.

Prices absolutely Serbian: i.e. very low.

Tri ŠeŠiraSkadarska 29.

Tri Sesira, i.e. 3 hats, is a real trip back in time at the roots of gypsy culture. Music is obviously the mistress of the atmosphere, with musicians who never cease to walk around the tables and many scores are used to decorate the walls. We suggest to try the Gilbanica, a pita stuffed with cheese, the grilled mushrooms, the tomato soup and the horseradish and beetroot salad.

Belgrade vegetarian restaurants

Supe i Salate,  3 Braće Jugovića.

A great place to purificate your intestines and stomach. Salads, yogurt and soups of all kinds will facilitate the task in a young and modern atmosphere. Even Vegan!


Pekara Trpkovic, 32 Nemanjina.

What a bakery! It serves an impressive variety of sweets and salty pastries. The staff is very kind and prices are really, really torn. You can recognise it for the wonderful Art Nouveau-style.
Belgrade vegetarian restaurants

Byblos, 6 Nebojšina.

After visiting St.Sava Temple go to Lebanese Byblos, I swear that there I ate one of the best, if not the best, falafel of my life. Among other things not to be missed: vegetable soup, pottage of red lentils, any kind of salads accompanied by Lebanese cheese and freshly baked Arab bread.

Restoran Djordje, 10 Moravska.

Restaurant proudly offering traditional food at km zero. All raw materials are purchased from local Serbian farmers and transformed brilliantly by Chef Jovicic into delicious dishes.

Among them try the pumpkin soup and the cheese ravioli. Wonderful.

Belgrade vegetarian restaurants: our advices!
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Belgrade vegetarian restaurants: our advices!
Who says that Serbian cooking is not for vegetarian? here is a list of Belgrade vegetarian restaurants! or the places offering the best veg!