Belgrade best bars: Top dozen!

After discovering the best attractions of Belgrade and eating at the best restaurants that offer a vegetarian option in the Serbian Capital (it is not so easy ..) it’s time to have a drink … and dance! Yes, because you should know that a bar in Belgrade can also be a restaurant, a café and a nightclub. Everything at the same time! So do not waste more energy and follow our guide to find out Belgrade Best Bars! Obviously with a map.

Ameliè Cafè, Toplicin Venac 4.

The Amelie Cafe is certainly among Belgrade best bars. Very fancy and vintage. In summer you can sit outside at one of the several tables: some of them are antique sewing machines reused to support your drinks.

We recommend to try their lemonade, but suggest to avoid the cocktails because thery are…half full or half empty depending on how you want to see it! 😉

Balkanski Spijum, Vuka Karadzica 7/A

Right in front of the restaurant VUK, here is a bar you cannot miss. Inspired by the 1984 comedy “Balkan Spy”, is furnished in an absolutely brilliant and curious way. Mirrors on the ceiling, old radios and typewriters, hanging suitcases and umbrellas , pictures of Stalin (but without any nostalgic tone …). It is certainly among the most intriguing bar to grab a cocktail, furthermore with unbeatable prices.

Belgrade best bars

The curious furniture of Balkanski Spijum

Pubby’s Magic Garden, Makedonska 5.

How could we define it? a nest of young artists in downtown Belgrade? an old house decorated with dusty wood, old radios and vintage televisions? I prefer to define it as the perfect pre-club bar, offering a pint of beer for only 155 DIN at the rhythm of local DJs music.

Every Wednesday you have the belly dance evening, with dancers performing above tables. They are so close to customers that you can see the sweat dropping from their head. A scene from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom? no, much better!

Rakija Bar, 5 Dobračina

The rakija is the typical Serbian spirit. It can be made from plum, grapes and pears with honey, cherry or walnut. A Serbian motto says that “if your boyfriend does not like Rakija, probably your guy is a girl.” Yes, a bit ‘sexist as a motto, but a perfect example of the conception of strong drinking in Serbia.

In this bar you can try dozens and dozens of different Rakija. Then you will find yourself laying directly on the bar counter …;-)

Belgrade best bars

Rakija Bar

Balkan Orient Express, 2 Prizrenska.

Let’s go deep in the strong nineteenth-century atmosphere of this bar / restaurant / hotel. For a few Euros you can enjoy a fine wine, like those real gentlemen who populated the hall of Balkan Orient Express two hundred years ago. The name, obviously, derives from the train “Orient Express” that was travelling from Paris to Istanbul via Belgrade.

Red Bar, Skadarlija 17.

Are you looking for good music? here we go! local beer? here it is! Great Prices? here you will have no risks!

This is the Red Bar, a bar nicely charactesized by a comfortable terrace on Skadarlija … and beautiful cats that live in this unmissable bar. Come here if you want to have a simple café outdoor, or if you look for wild dancing to the rhythm of rock.

Belgrade best bars

Red Bar with its nice cats!

Villa Maska, 7 Rankeova.

Superb club close to the Temple of Saint Sava. It is a three-storey villa, with bar, restaurant and club. The interior is decorated with taste and care, carefully avoiding any banality. When you enter this villa it seems to be transported into a parallel world where the strangest objects are placed on the walls or fly over your head. It is perfect if you want to enjoy a few drinks before starting party. With various DJs and live concerts, the villa is always packed of people.

Leila Records store and Bar, Kralja Petra 41.

Crazy for vinyls: this is the place for you! A wall full of LPs to choose from, listen and eventually buy, while having a great coffee at bargain price. I know many people who would consider this their paradise … buying records, enjoying the music flowing under the needle and take a nice break thinking if that old Black Flag vinyl is original or not. Vinyl Maniac 100% !!

Dvortance, Brace Krsmanovica 14.

Directly on the river Sava, here’s Dvoristance! A perfect bar to relax during the day with a cool cocktail or coffee, while watching a sport event and waiting for … the night! I tell you this because at night this small outdoor courtyard is literally transformed with shining lights and people dancing among the tables, and below the stars, to the rhythm of DJs and live bands. Until late night Dvoristance lets you appreciate the beautiful view of the river Sava.

Truly one of the best places to enjoy the Belgrade summer!

Belgrade best bars

The relaxed terrace of Dvorištance in front of river Sava. It became a wild club after the dawn.

Ljutic, Stevana Sremca 5.

A small garden hidden among the tall buildings of the capital, decorated with handmade pieces made by several young local artists. Perfect to relax during the day and also have a nice aperitif. Don’t forget that in the summer, if you are hungry, the BBQ is often turned on!

INDIE-GO! pub Brod, 36 Bulevar despota Stefana.

Brod means boat and in fact various parts of this bar are pieces of old boats. Beers of all kinds, Rakija but also fresh juices will refresh your summer hours in this nice bar, following the rhythm of Indie, Pop, Rock and New Wave music. On Thursday special evening with Rhythm & Blues!

Bife Ventil, Kapetan Mišina 14.

Lovers of punk, post punk, new wave, electro pop, surf, indie rock this is the place for you! A perfect menu for the most demanding expert in underground music. Furthermore accompanied by a selection of high quality Rakija and beers.


Belgrade best bars: Top Dozen
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Belgrade best bars: Top Dozen
Follow our Belgrade best bars guide to know where to drink the best Rakija, dance the wildest Indie music, or just sit in the nicest courtyard of the capital of Serbia.