Casa rosada, Buenos Aires

Argentina: 10 things you will definitely miss

Hello everybody!

After riding the street with the classic cars of Argentina, and have a splash of color with the graffiti of Buenos Aires, let me tell you what are some of the things that you will definitely miss of Argentina.

10. Buenos Aires

The capital is a concentrate of pure life, culture and fun. Unluckily I had only spent few days there, but I must say that they were quite intense. Many are the monuments and museums that you can visit, food is veeery tasty (mmhh empanada…) and inexpensive, nightlife is never ending. Definitely one of the best capitals in South America.


Buenos Aires


Buenos Aires

9. Exploring

If you are tired of big crowds, if you want to breath nice clean air, and visit incredible places where nobody is around, Argentina is the right country to go. Hundreds of kilometres where the only company you will have is the sound of your motorcycle. Or maybe the soft noise of your steps. Where to go? Patagonia is the first choice of course.

This is freedom.

8. Tango

I never liked stereotypes, especially about nations. And for everybody tango is THE stereotype of Argentina. So if the equation would work, I should not like tango. But hey, after I have been to an unknown tango bar of Cordoba with no tourists around, I definitely changed my mind. There I felt the magic of this kind of dance, and the sexuality that it spreads all around.

My advice: avoid touristic places and go to clubs where Argentinian learn to dance. Wonderful.


Tango in Cordoba

7. Italian origins

As Italian it was so nice for me to take a taxi, start to talk with the driver, and learn that his family came from Italy a long time ago. Then, when I took another taxi, I discovered that also the second driver has its origin from Italy…and also the other, and the other, and the other… Well that is kind of normal, since 46% of the entire Argentinian population have origins from Calabria, Campania, Friuli etc

Funny things is that the majority of them do not speak Italian. But that’s another story.


Italian origins, lost in grammar…

6. La Selección

Football is the top sport almost everywhere in the world. Many are the places where people go crazy for it. But trust me, I never found such a strong passion for the National team as in Argentina, where it is called la selección.

When La selección plays, in Argentina every activity is stopped. Even banks close. Nobody is in the street and silence is the king, until La selección scores. Then you have an explosion of screams and noise.

I saw something like this only in Naples. Which is the most Argentinian city of Italy, of course.


Crazy in the streets after a victory.

5. Dulce de leche

A wonderful and tasty sweet cream derived from Milk. It seems cream caramel but it is sweeter.

In Argentina you find it almost everywhere and in every kind of dessert: biscuits, muffins, cakes, ice creams…I also found popcorns with dulce de leche! After you tried it, you’ll never come back.

Pictures by Audinou. This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

Dulce de leche. Pictures by Audinou. This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

4. Asado

Even if I do not eat meat, I would love to participate again and again to an Asado. Asado is a way of life, a tradition to get closer with friends and family. Actually there is always an excuse to organize an asado: a birthday, somebody leaving or simply the arrival of spring.

If you are lucky enough to have some Argentinian friends, never say no to an asado invitation.

3. Fernetito

The MUST drink of Argentina, especially in Cordoba, is Fernet Branca (an Italian spirit) with coke: el Fernetito!

A shot in your veins. Strong enough to make you start your party with the right attitude.

Argentina is the country where Fernet Branca is more popular, much more than in Italy.

But be careful not to buy Branca Menta, same brand as Fernet, but with a mint flavour. It will ruin your Fernetito and all your friendships there.

Ferent Branca. Picture by . CC License. No modification done.

Ferent Branca. Picture by . CC License. No modification done.

2. Buses

Think about those awful and uncomfortable buses with the hardest seat you ever tried.

Now think of a 700 km ride in that bus. A nightmare no?

Now forget about it, because in Argentina you will find the most confortable buses in the world, with huge seats, big as armchairs and soft as your bed.

The cost: 30 euro from Buenos Aires centre to Cordoba centre. And no check in in a far far away airport. A dream coming true.

1. Smiles

Depressed people are a no no in Argentina. Everybody is smiling in the street, no matter what problem they have. A good place to understand how our disgraces are most of the time stupid issues. This is probably the thing I miss more, since so many times in Europe it is hard to find smiling people in the streets.


Argentina: 10 things you will definitely miss
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Argentina: 10 things you will definitely miss
These are some of the 10 things you will miss of Argentina after you left it. Asado, tango, Buenos much to do, taste, remember.