Albanian prices VS Italian

I want to say that this article is, of course, provocative.

Probably extremely provocative, but I am writing this to show how incredible expensive could be the Emilia Romagna riviera.

Of course I am well aware Albania isn’t Italy. It is a small developing country, full of half built houses, with open air landfill waste, and a limited amount of monuments to visit (compared to Emilia Romagna).

On the other side Albania has a great sea, clear and clean. It has also great food, tasty and fresh. These two things are what the the majority of people look for when they go to the seaside.

Albanian prices

The incredible sea offered by Albania

My region, Emilia Romagna, offers a lot of attractions as historical cities, great food, nice vibe and a lot of amenities. But for what concern the sea, let’s be sincere, the water is most of the time horrible, and many times it doesn’t even deserve to get wet.

Albanian prices

…and the sea in Marina Di Ravenna, Emilia Romagna

What really upset me is that, if you go to Rimini, Cervia, Cesenatico etc.., the owners of the “bagni” (bars on the beach) make you pay a lot for umbrellas, deckchairs, food, drinks…

Considering the quality of the water where you have a bath, I believe those prices are crazy. Sometimes the water even smells.

So let’s start this provocative comparison between Albanian prices and the cost of the same services in Emilia Romagna.

2 Deckchairs and Umbrella (all day long)

Saranda, Albanian Riviera 500 LEK = 3,60 euro

Marina di Ravenna, Emilia Romagna € 15.00 (excluded sundays and festivities, when is more expensive)


Lunch in a restaurant, just on the beach

Himarë, Albanian Riviera 1200 LEK = 8 euro (A 2 persons lunch with greek salad, french fries, 1 beer, 1 Soda, tzatziki, bread and tips).

Rimini, Emilia Romagna, a plate of pasta: 8-10 euro + coperto  (a very “funny” thing we have only in Italy, where they make you pay for using dishes, fork, knife and glass. Unbelievable, sometimes it reaches 2 euro for each person).

Albanian prices

No, this is not an Italian restaurant. It is actually Albania, where they serve the best Italian food I found outside Italy.

Albanian prices

Delicious fried cheese in Himare, Albania


Dhermi, Albanian Riviera (all day long) between 100 and 300 LEK = from 0,71 to 2,15 euro

Rimini, Emilia Romagna, parking next to train station = 1 euro for hour


Dinner in a seaside restaurant

Saranda Seaside pathwalk, Albania Riviera, 3500 LEK = 25 euro (A 2 person dinner with Fried Seafood, Vegetable Risotto, Spinach Sufflè, French Fries, Vegetables, Cheesecake, one beer, one water).

Cervia, Emilia Romagna, Fried Seafood on the beach = from 12 to 15 euro + coperto.

Albanian prices

Menu’ in Saranda, Albania. 100 Lek are 0,70 euro more or less.

Fresh Baked Donut

Ksamil, Albanian Riviera = 0,70 euro

Pinarella, Emilia Romagna = 1 euro



Ksamil, Albanian Riviera  – A bag full of figs (1 kilo) 200 LEK = 1,5 euro

Lido di Savio, Emilia Romagna – A small Macedonia = from 4 to 5 euro



Ksamil, Albanian Riviera 300 LEK = 2,14 euro

Riccione, Emilia Romagna = from 3,50 to 4 euro


Big Bottle of Water

Himarë, Albanian Riviera 70 LEK = o,50 cents

Lido degli Estensi, Emilia Romagna = 3 euro


Average hotel, 2 stars, in August (each night)

Ksamil, Albanian Riviera 4200 LEK = 30 euro

Rimini, Emilia Romagna Riviera = 60 euro

Albanian prices

The view from our 30 euro a night hotel in Himare, Albania.

Rent a Car, 6 days in August

From Tirana Airport = 30 euro a day

From Cervia = 35 euro a day


UNESCO Monuments Entrance

Ancient Roman town of Butrint, Albania 700 LEK = 5 euro

Ravenna, Emilia Romagna: Museo Arcivescovile (Cappella di Sant’Andrea e Cattedra d’avorio), Battistero Neoniano, Basilica di Sant’Apollinare Nuovo, Basilica di San Vitale, Mausoleo di Galla Placidia = 9,50 euro

Albanian prices

Butrint is a spectacular ancient gem in Albania

As you can see, visit monuments or rent a car isn’t so much expensive in Italy.

The real difference is what you have to spent when you go to the beach. Everything is absolutely overpriced in the Emilia Romagna riviera.

Of course we don’t expect Emilia Romagna to have Albanian prices, but at least to offer fair costs compared to, for example, other Italian regions as Marche.

Isn’t possible to ask for 15 euro for an umbrella with 2 deck chairs, or 10 euro for a pasta. Especially because, on the Emilia Romagna riviera, the sea is many times dirty. I don’t have any problem to pay those money for a place where the sea is nice, but in Rimini, Cervia, Cesenatico it is absolutely not.

What we suggest is that the owners of “bagni” would make their prices lower, closer to the quality of the water in the sea.

Or the consequence will probably be that people would avoid going to Emilia Romagna riviera for 2 week ends, save their money, and on the third one take a nice break in Albania.

Definitely a smarter plan.