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Belgrade Best Clubs! Lived as locals!

During the night the most incredible soul of Belgrade gets alive. From sunset, the biggest Serbian city rises to the role of true European capital of party night.

Clubs invented in old abandoned warehouses, bars with fantastic design, and nightclubs floating on water are the must of Belgrade parties. An incredible variety of concerts and events is always at disposal, with nothing to envy to the always compared Berlin. What more can you ask for?

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The old port area of Savamala, located very close to the old city, has remained abandoned until the 90s.

Now Savamala is the center of Belgrade design, with numerous art centres and clubs that occupy old abandoned port warehouses. Savamala is becoming one of the most lively and surprising artistic neighbourhood of all Europe. Here begins our journey looking for Belgrade Best Clubs.

Jazz Basta, Male stepenice 1

The Jazz Basta is a very special place. Find it is not so simple, because it is not located on a real road but on a stairway leading up, from Karadjordjeva street, to the Park of Non-Aligned Countries. But when ye have found it, you will understand why it is among our Belgrade best clubs list.

Jazz Basta is characterised by a fantastic outdoor patio with white walls and dozens of lamps illuminating the tables. The white furniture is vintage and carefully selected. For those who want to have everything under control, there is also a terrace above the patio. In the evening, the jazz bands play side by side to the people.

And in the winter? don’t worry! The warmth of jazz music, the people of Serbia, and the beautiful interiors will make you forget the cold waiting for you outside. Absolutely recommended!

Belgrade best clubs

The wonderful patio of Jazz Basta

Mikser House, 46 Karađorđeva.

An old industrial space renovated in a wonderful way in the neighbourhood of Savamala. The Mikser House hosts the Balkan Design Store, with material of young Balkan designers, and a restaurant. In the evening the exhibition space is turned into a club hosting underground concerts, DJ sessions and jazz festivals! The atmosphere is very warm and relaxed and makes Mikser House one of the most beloved place of Belgrade!

PS. Do not miss in May and June the Mikser cultural & art festival!

Belgrade best clubs

The Mikser House can be both exhibition space and place for events. Picture Given by Mikser House

Belgrade best clubs

Concert at Mikser House. Picture given by Mikser house.

Corba Kafe, 3 Brace Krsmanovic

A nice rock club, with a Serbian touch. Guitars, harley davidson and loud music are the masters. The signboard might remind the Hard Rock Cafe, but honestly I’ve never seen such a warm atmosphere in any venue of the famous American chain. At Corba Kafe people seems always excited by the music, and above all very happy! If you will be lucky enough to pass by during the karaoke night, then you’ll understand why this is one of the favorite rock place of Belgrade people.

KC Grad (European Center for Culture and Debate), 4 Braće Krsmanović.

Probably one of the most important cultural centres of the Serbian capital. It is the product of  Cultural Front Belgrade and Amsterdam Felix Meritis Foundation’s effort.

This place is also located in one of the old abandoned warehouses of Savamala, right on the banks of the river Sava. The 1884 building is divided into two floors: the top floor hosts a large gallery and a art library, while on the lower floor we find the Steve Austen café bar and the Gradstor art shop. KC GRAD organizes, 365 day a year, exhibitions, lectures, music programs and documentaries. Many are the concerts of all kinds, from indie to jazz, which fill the evenings of the cultural center. Check the program and do not miss an evening at KC Grad!

Belgrade best clubs

A DJ Set at KC Grad.
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A “Splav” (plural splavova) is simply a boat moored next to the river bank. The rivers Danube and Sava are characterised by hundreds of Splavova that light up at night by hosting the most crazy parties. Here fun lasts until late morning, especially in summer. We recommend the most important Splav docked on the river Sava, because they are the easiest to reach from the city center.

Klub 20/44, Savski kej BB.

The preferred place of Belgrade hipsters is the Klub 20/44. This “Splav” offers electronic, funky, house or 80s music. The event “Disco not Disco”, with popular local DJs,  is certainly among the most followed throughout Belgrade. The club is open in summer, when people dance outdoors admiring the lights of Belgrade, and in winter, when the shelter deck turns into a hellish pit. Wild!

Belgrade best clubs

Klub 20/44. Picture given by Klub 20/44.

Belgrade best clubs

Klub 20/44. Picture given by Klub 20/44.

Freestyler, Brodarska bb.

Lovers of dance clubs, hip hop, R & B and techno this is the place for you! An elite Splav, with the best sound system that you can find in Belgrade, stratospheric lights, luxurious VIP tables and beautiful dancers. Perfect for those who want to taste the typical chic Belgrade. The capacity of the club is 800 people and is open until 5 in the morning.

Trust us, there parties are absolutely neverending!

Belgrade best clubs

The Freestyler. Picture given by Freestyler (Facebook account)

Club Sound, Brodarska bb.

Another classic of the night in Belgrade, perfect if you want to party all night. You will find people of all kinds, but we recommend in any case an elegant dress style; this to avoid waiting outside hours and hours. Some of the best DJs of the Serbian capital, including DJ Oysha and DJ Peppe, often playing at Club Sound. Certainly among the top of the Belgrade best clubs.


KC Drugstore, Bulevar Despota Stefana 115.

More than 800 squared metres of space in an old slaughterhouse: this is the KC Drugstore, the temple of alternative fun in Belgrade. It is considered among the best and most exciting in Europe, with punk and rock concerts, and electronic DJ sets that will wipe out all of your doubts! Very very hot atmosphere and friendly people make it one of the coolest place EVER of the Serbian capital.

Club Underworld, 1 Ruzveltova.

Club open from 9 years (a record for Belgrade). It offers great music and a friendly environment. Saturday evenings are full of Rock, Brit Pop, Funk and R & B sounds, while other days are filled with concerts and live acoustic cover bands. Friday: electro-goth! Cocktails at very low prices! Do not miss it!


2015 Belgrade best clubs! Lived as locals!
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2015 Belgrade best clubs! Lived as locals!
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